Aug 03

Experience Learning



Oleh : Aniek Rumijati

Staff  Pengajar Fak. Ekonomi Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang


This study aims to enhance knowledge, skills and attitude of students in learning Organizational Behavior course. It is also an effort to increase student involvement in the learning process. By applying Method Learning Experience which place more emphasis on experience, students are able to feel, express and enhance personal development (soft skills) students. The method used was to compare the experience between the use of constructivist learning is a method in an experimental class using lecture and discussion on the control class.
Observations on the experimental class and control class obtained results indicate that the method is considered more interesting learning experience and fun, the involvement of students in the learning process more student skills can be improved and enhanced. In addition, if viewed from the aspect of student satisfaction attitudes towards learning experience methods showed higher yields than lecture method and discussion. Another indicator used is the value of midterm test and final test as an indication of the cognitive aspect or understanding of students in the experimental class obtained better results than the control class. The implication of this study found that use of the method of learning experience in Organizational Behavior course better than the lecture method and discussion

Keywords: Experience, Learning, Constructivist, Lectures and Discussions

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